Stuffed Chicken

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Enjoy a high protein, low-fat meal from heaven with our Stuffed Chicken! Nothing but quality macronutrients make this entree a tremendous option for those in search of a low-fat meal that can fill you for hours.

A whopping 38g of protein, courtesy our chicken breast, with 19g of premium carbohydrates from the Roasted Red Potato gives you a great daily value worth of nutrition.

To make things even better, 200g of organic Spinach adds protein while reducing oxidative stress to lower blood pressure!


  • Quality source of Protein, Fiber, and rich Vitamins and Minerals
  • Nutritious carbs that keep you full for hours
  • Organic spinach is great at lowering blood pressure
  • Rich in Magnesium, Iron, and Manganese


  • 120g Chicken Breast
  • 200g Spinach
  • 50g Feta
  • 120g Roasted Red Potato

Treat yourself to something filling and hardy with our Stuffed Chicken and order yours today!