Shrimp Fajitas

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If you're a seafood lover looking for new meals to explore then our Shrimp Fajitas will delight you from the first bite! The savory seasonings, well-cooked veggies, and shrimp give you a great hardy meal to dine with at the house or on the go.

Shimp is full of Vitamins and antioxidants like Astaxanthin which is great for reducing inflammation and protecting your skin from free radicals.

Add a little rice or some whole-grain noodles on the side of this entree to finish it off with a kick of quality carbs!


  • Quality source of protein and omega fatty acids
  • Contains Astaxanthin which reduces inflammation and shields cells from free radicals
  • Cooked with quality ingredients loaded with minerals and vitamins

Treat yourself to something hardy and healthy with our Shrimp Fajitas and order yours today!